Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Downtown Los Angeles Loft - Rent or Buy Lofts, Condos and Apartments

Find a loft in Downtown Los Angeles

Thank you for your interest in our services to help you find a loft to rent in Downtown Los Angeles.  Please call Corey at (213) 478-0499 so that I can find out more about what you are looking for, then meet with you to show you some units that best match your search criteria.  There is no cost for our services to buyers or renters of condo lofts.

If you prefer to be fully informed of all of the bargains in Downtown living, we also have an optional 3-hour tour that covers condo lofts, managed community lofts and apartments in Downtown.

Loft Living LA has been helping people find lofts in Downtown Los Angeles for more than 10 years.  We have completed more than 220 real estate transactions in 2010.  We are Realtors (R) and we are Downtown loft specialists with the resources of Keller Williams, the 3rd largest real estate company in the United States.

We provide you with a free consultation to determine the type of loft that you are seeking.  We then contact owners and schedule a showing that fits your schedule.  You meet us here at our office loft in Downtown, and we will drive you to several lofts that match your search criteria.  After you find the loft that you like, you pay $30 for a credit check.  We then negotiate to often get you a lower rent than the asking price.  There is no cost for our services to renters of loft condos.  We get paid a preset amount offered by the owner of the property after we find you the place you want.

3-Hour Tour of Lofts in Downtown L.A.

Here is your chance to see cheaper, nicer, more interesting, more appealing lofts that have move-in specials.
Working with a downtown specialist who is on your side, you will be driven by someone who knows the area.  You will see more properties in a 3 hour period than you would normally spend 3 months researching on your own.  You don't have to drive or find parking in downtown, so you will avoid potential parking tickets that now cost about $80 each.  You will gain the confidence that you have seen very good options before you choose a place.  These leased communities cheaper and can save you $200 per month?

Downtown Los Angeles has more than 100 buildings in managed communities that have leasing offices.  There are more to choose from, so there are some that are less expensive, offering more variety to suit your needs, and we spend more time to get you fully educated on all of the buildings that are good matches for you.  We show you places that we don't normally show our clients.  We check all 160 residential buildings, then take you on a 3 hour tour to see the best matches of the 160 condo and lease buildings with stops at several that match your search criteria.   These managed communities pay us nothing.  We are sharing our knowledge with you, and you pay only for our time.  You will likely find a better place and save thousands of dollars on your rent.  Our fee for this tour is $55 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

Details and pay online at http://www.loftlivingla.com/loftinfocenter.html

I will then follow up with you to prepare your tour.


We at Loft Living L.A. are the largest sellers of residential property in Downtown, with $32 million in transactions since January 2012.  Our services cost nothing to buyers.

Every building in Downtown has issues that you need to learn about by talking to a professional who has done business in most of the 60 condo loft buildings in Downtown.  You want to know which buildings have pending lawsuits, litigation, assessments, and safety issues.  You want to know which buildings can and cannot get financing.  You want to work with experienced Downtown specialists to safely buy a loft in Downtown Los Angeles.  Get to know the quirks and advantages of the many different loft buildings in Downtown L.A.  Call for a free buyer's consultation.

I look forward to talking to you.

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